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Dim Mak

Intercepting Fist (Olympic)
by Tim Den

Finally! I was wondering what the rest of Ripping Corpse have been up to. Sure, we all know Erik Rutan went on to Hate Eternal and Morbid Angel, but what about the others?

Dim Mak - with ex-Ripping Corpse vocalist Scott, guitarist Shaun, and drummer Brandon - answer all questions and defy all nonbelievers. Just cuz they're down to a four-piece (with bassist Dennis) doesn't mean they can't still pack an X-Files' load of off-kilter chords into a hell hole of an album. And even though the lyrics now concentrate on the band's obsession with martial arts, all the trademark Ripping Corpse sickness remains intact. Riffs that sound like skewers right out of the abyss impale you, while Scott's newfound "growling" voice (as opposed to his old "hardcore" voice) recites your eulogy. With song titles like "Phoenix Eye Fist," "Tai Pan Snake Venom," "Nine Head Serpentine Sire," "Essence of the Northern Fists," etc., Intercepting Fist is literally a musical ass-kicking that you'll desperately love.
(1658 N. Milwaukee Ave. #245 Chicago, IL 60647)  

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