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Dawn of Dreams | Darklight Awakening | review | metal | Lollipop

Dawn of Dreams

Darklight Awakening (Mercenary)
by Paul Lee

Their bio states not once, but twice that Dawn of Dreams blend black and death metal together, as if it were some unique aspect of this German band. I wouldn't be impressed, normally, but Dawn of Dreams manage to meld the two styles effortlessly and find a blend between the crushing ferocity of Vital Remains (with a multi-pronged vocal attack) and the melodic brutality of In Flames, with just a hint of the staccato insanity of Dark Funeral. DOD may not achieve the insane carnage of Austria's blackened death metal fiends Belphegor (one of the best of the recent black/death metal bands), but they hold their own with the harshest of 'em. Definitely a band to keep tabs on.
(PO Box 4517 Downey, CA 90241)  

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