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Dashboard Confessional | So Impossible | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Dashboard Confessional

So Impossible (Vagrant)
by Tim Den

Welcome to "More Than Words" for the new millennium. Except instead of it being just one song, the sappiness now stretches across entire albums... even spilling onto EPs like this one. Dashboard Confessional is what you would call the Tiger Beat of "underground" music. This shit's so trite and so juvenile it makes Bob Sagat's Full House jokes seem like manifestos. I'll admit that Chris Carrabba's former bands (The Agency, Further Seems Forever) - and even some of Dashboard's earlier records - were decent, but this whole "singing about nothing but girls" thing is making me wanna puke. Waydago guy: wayda base your entire existence - the essence of your creativity - on other people. What are you going to do when you're 50 and girls don't wanna "make out" (actual lyric) with you anymore? Then what are you going to sing about? God forbid you look inward for material! Or even worse, look around you at other, more important things. Note to Chris: Girls ain't everything. Get an identity for fuck's sake.
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