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Burnt By The Sun | Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution | review | rock | metal | Lollipop

Burnt By The Sun

Soundtrack to the Personal Revolution (Relapse)
by Tim Den

If only you could've seen how my jaw dropped when I heard this. Could this really be the same band that created a clumsy, useless, directionless EP a year ago? Or did Botch and Mastodon fuse together without telling the rest of the world? Crisp as a mountaintop morning, all the better to see the lava tidal wave about to wash over you... molten redness scorching your flesh like butter in acid. Believe it, folks: Burnt By The Sun have matured beyond belief and created one of the best tech-metalcore records this side of (the aforementioned) Mastodon. If they get any more efficient and catchy, Steve Austin's gonna have to resort to roadie status. Hands down the new kings of the genre.
(PO Box 2060 Upper Darby, PA 19082)  

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