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Brand New

Your Favorite Weapon (Triple Crown)
by Scott Hefflon

The bio says it pretty openly: They're young'n'cute, "the next new thing," and have opened for The Movielife, Hot Rod Circuit, A New Found Glory, and other emo boy bands that make young girls wet and make guys roll their eyes. This is predictable teenybopper bandwagon-hopping. But that's no surprise, and most teen dorks don't give a shit that these cute little dipshits and all the other interchangeable bands of their ilk are fun and boppy, but otherwise pretty similar and predictable and will be forgotten about in a couple years. Brand New are a decent opening band for one of the "name" emo posterboys like NFG but they're not nearly as talented or versatile (I actually quite like the music of NFG, but their fans make my skin crawl and liking a boy band makes anyone not a total zombie feel like a sucker, ya know?), but they have a long way to go before they'll be worth listening to by anyone over 16.
(331 West 57th St. #472 New York, NY 10019)


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