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Adam West

Right On! (Telegraph)
by Craig Regala

Apparently garage rooted (the spot where Adam West used to keep the fucking cherry Challenger until "that wreak"), it's now filled with AC/DC boots, Pagans records, and The Monomen's phone number scrawled on the wall. The lead work is kept to stinging blues scales'n'melodies vs. two-note crank-offs, the riffs are pig-iron simple, the singer brash and manly, and the tempo is set on quick and sweaty. Yeah, rock and roll rave-up punk-bred wham-bam-thank-you ma'am stuff. It coulda gestated any time in the last 20 years; the language as basic as "Jumpin' Jack Flash," "Motor City Madhouse," "Bad Reputation," "Mr. Brownstone," or "Smells Like Teen Spirit," without referencing any of'm or their genres specifically. No, I'm not saying it's as tuneful as those songs, but Right On! does have real tunes and personality. I just got the Supersuckers/Electric Frankenstein split and I play Right On! much more. If you want a clue, here's some pig Latin: "Ay et bay, Onjay Arsay ikes itlay."


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