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This Changes Everything | review | alternative | rock | compilation | Lollipop

This Changes Everything

(Second Nature)
by Tim Den

Second Nature's roster has always been patchy. Just when they've got giants like Coalesce (knotted-knuckles metalcore) and The Casket Lottery (the next Shiner) attacking the public, they blunt the assault with rip-offs like Reggie And The Full Effect (I know it's just a side project... but someone likes Jimmy Eat World just a bit too much, eh?). What gives? And what's with the half-asleep melodies of Kill Creek and lifeless/unimaginative ruckus of Eulcid? But I gotta give some props though: Grade put out their finest record on Second Nature, ex-Boys Life The Higher Burning Fire breathes new charm into alt-acoustic tunes, and Sharks Keep Moving continue to be a highlight of the Northwest math-indie rock scene. Not bad. Now if they can just cut some of the fat... Others: Kid Kilowatt, Waxwing, Anasarca, Krakatoa, Isis, The Blood Brothers.
(PO Box 11543 Kansas City, MO 64138)

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