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Vol 3 (RAFR)
by Jon Sarre

This comp is the aural equivalent of invitin' all yer rowdy friends over for an eviction party (but with the security of not bein' homeless the next day, providin', that is, ya don't play it at 4 am on a school nite). Out of the twenty-five or so artlesses on this thing, ya got certifiable window-breakers'n'sledgehammers thru the walls by the likes of The Humpers (ripping off the Ramones and Leiber and Stoller and sorta Donovan, too on "Season of the Sneak"), Jersey Cramps freaks Mad Daddys, L.A.'s Motochrist (with what sounds like someone almost playin' the guitar intro to "Loose"), The Bullys doin' the hilarious "Pop is For Fags," The Weaklings peelin' off an old chestnutbuster ("Shake It"), Short Fuses coverin' Chicken Hawks' ("Fuck Minneapolis"), and Chicken Hawks coverin' nobody ("Lime Rickey"). The almost famous Bell Rays are here, the not-so almost famous Streetwalkin' Cheetahs (with two cuts, their own "Coming Down" and Little Richard's "Tutti Fruiti" with help from Wayne Kramer and Jeff Dahl) are here, too, as are the usedtabe almost famous Fuzztones and ex-TSOL guy Gentleman Jack Grisham. Ya also got Darlington, The Hellbenders and The Excessories, plus Bellvue doin' a Stones cover ("Heartbreaker") and The Superbees and The Kowalskis, who both turn out to be pretty cool, and a buncha others (y'know, thems that ya can't live without and are so important that they, not warrant, but hell, they DESERVE with some sorta fuggin' blood-lust recklessness, the oft-coveted but almost never granted "parenthetical mention," that's right, I'm talkin' 'bout: Billy Joe Winghead! Damnation! Sisters Grimm! Libertine! Candy Ass! True Love! The Sonic Thrills! The Starvations! The Peeps! Furious George! Go ass crazy, Jackson!) who provide the extra bang for the buck sorely needed in these trying economic times.
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