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Punk Chartbusters | vol 4 | review | punk | compilation | Lollipop

Punk Chartbusters

Vol. 4 (Wolverine/SPV)
by Scott Hefflon

Always kinda fun, always kinda painful, always something to learn seeing as most US punkers – even those who follow as many of the names as possible – will probably only recognize a dozen or so bands on this double CD (sold for the price of one).

The idea, for those keeping score at home, is to have punk bands cover famous songs in their own style. There's no shortage of punk bands slaughtering pop songs, so this series will never, ever run out of material. Some songs, of course, are genius. Some songs, of course, are the most horrid shit you've ever heard. And some songs are just so awful, they rule! Which is which (27 songs on the first CD, 26 on the second) is up to you. Man, half the fun is sitting around with your music geek friends trying to be the first to yell out "Tainted Love" or "Baby, One More Time," or "We Are the World." Yeah, just be ready to duck when dinner rolls are thrown... Bands covered range from Madonna to The Beatles to Hanoi Rocks to the Pet Shop Boys to the Stones to Willie Nelson to Prince to the Backstreet Boys. Funny, sometimes it's a "who?" that really pulls something cool out of a song and a known entity does a half-ass job cuz, ya know, they're a known band and can get away with shit like that. Or so they think. Bands I'm sure to misspell: Gwyllions, The Billy Rubin, Die Toten Hosen, The Unknown, Human Hamster Hybrids, Peace Brothers, Råubertöchter, The Living End, ZSK, Schandfleck, Skin of Tears, Tabascos, Terrorgruppe, Socks, Second Floor Daycare, Squatweiler, Ruths Hat, The McRackins, Stimilion, Backlash, Nights Gelernt, Payback, Dragster, In Case of Emergency, UK Subs, Funeral Dress, Tagtraum, D. Sailers feat. Wick Slick, Tinnitus, Mad Caddies, Square the Circle, The Revolvers, Kafkas, Venerea, SFH, Scallwags, Face to Face, Celebraten, Niteblind feat. Bela B., Sewing with Nancie, The Daybreak Boys, Taboo, Out of Frame, The Hymans, Kick Indicator, Morgentot, 5 Kleine Jägermeister, Apocalypse Hoboken, Scorefor, Wallride, Blastcaps, Mensen, 0 Eight 5 Teens.

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