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Kitra 3

(Powerbunny 4X4)
by Tim Den

The New Jersey-to-Boston Powerbunny 4X4 label looks to be a force to be reckoned with, judging from Kitra 3. Dealing mostly with noisy/angular guitar pop, the label has put together a host of East Coast bands that recall the golden days of true college rock – when Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Firehose, and Pavement ruled campus radio – to show the come-latelies and pesky emo kids how the shit goes down. But the repetoir doesn't stop there. There's also garage/guitar pop (The MakeOut Party, Casanovacane), Ween-like oddities (Vending Machine), noise collage art (Xbxrx, Coin), fast-lipped (and hilarious) alt-country (A Halo Called Fred; whose "Rubber Pussy" is the best thing on this comp), alt-hip hop (MC Trachiotomy), not to mention the Jawbox-ish heaviness of Aviso'Hara and Boston's favorite pop punk sons Doc Hopper. They're not all winners, though: Blinder's posturing female vocalist completely ruins what could've been an interesting foray into... well... forget it. The whole thing stinks.

So pick yourself up one of these babies. It's a double-disc and has the more interesting East Coast college bands you'll run across, so what are ya waitin' fer? Other bunnies: Prosolar Mechanics, Landspeedrecord!, Gold Circle, The Scott Farkus Affair, The Secession Movement, Fa5hion Colt, Ex Models, Broken Atlantic, Suran Song In Stag, Sparks Fly From A Kiss, Nipple, Duochrome.
(PO Box 381744 Cambridge, MA 02238)

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