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Cinemaphonic: Soul Punch

A Collection of British Library Music 1970-1976 (Motel)
by Lex Marburger

Hip, groovy, and hyper-sexed. The British Music Libraries of the 1970s were created to provide background music for cheapo films, and boy, they were, how you say, "Big Pimpin'". Cinemaphonic needs no additional production values from compiler David Hollander (by the way, as if it made a difference, Hollander played Lil' Earl on What's Happening). At home in a sexploitation, Blackspoitation – hell, any kind of "-ploitation" movie – the tracks by the likes of Syd Dale, Dick Hyman, and Steve Gray are high steppin', slick-backed, back-handin', bad-assed motherfuckers of songs. Use these tracks on your next amateur porn flicks made by hiding the video camera in your closet while you prove your ability for premature ejaculation on the skanks you met over the Internet, and they'll shine like classic Seka/John Holmes flicks. Other pimp-daddy composers seen rockin' the back seat: Piet Van Meren, Alan Hawkshaw, David Snell, Bill Geldard, and Don Harper.
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