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Double Exposure (Thrill Jockey)
by Tim Den

What a brilliant fucking idea. This should've been done long ago. Two of the best post-rock ensembles get together and come up with twisted, sometimes hilarious, collaborations that evoke Iron Maiden, Joan Of Arc, and Cheap Trick equally. No one who has heard either of these bands should be surprised: The Fucking Champs usually get more comparisons to Thin Lizzy than they can deal with (albeit an instrumental one), and Trans Am's skewed Casio-rock (?) tunes have always garnered laughs and bopping heads at the same time. Opening track "Give it to You" is a perfect example: Who else would be able to make a Fleetwood Mac-like song out of twin guitar leads, vintage toy keyboards, and a Journey drum beat? This is genius, not only cuz it's entertaining as hell, but cuz this collaboration shows how fucking imaginative (and humorous) both these bands are.
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