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Toys That Kill | Citizen Abortion | review | punk | Lollipop

Toys That Kill

The Citizen Abortion (Recess)
by Jon Sarre

Grimey post-oldies but not crusties hahdcoah with lotsa people singin' along on the chorus, like Fat Wreck stuff to the kids, but I figger these people are more the type who'd punch Fat Mike's Fat Lights out if they could as soon as accept a royalty check from him (or mebbe not). Anyway, Toys That Kill are more, uh, "catchy" wary than loadsa their peers without bein' "not catchy" or excessively "street punk" or whatever. Their topics are the usu, violence, "unity" (they think it's a scam, or at least the way most people look at it), alienation, uh, work, cops (cops bad, cops bad), blah, blah, blah. Sometimes the singer starts sorta screamin' and losin' his snotty fake-Anglophile detachment, then he doesn't sound like every other snotty detached fake-Anglophile, that's usually better too, as is the crunchy Sweatbox Studios sound.
(PO Box 1666 San Pedro, CA 90733)

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