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Thulsa Doom | Seats are Soft but the Helmet is Way Too Tight | review | rock | Lollipop

Thulsa Doom

The Seats are Soft but the Helmet is Way Too Tight (This Dark Reign)
by Craig Regala

Couple up the Kyuss ass end-width and plenty of kick-ass rocker hoopla with some of the good ole guitar squeal and chugged bar chords '80s metal bequeathed us whilst riding the retardo "ain't we rockin' now?" speed boogie via the Dead Boys - isn't a new idea, but it works. A natural, plug-in-the-amp-and-go! recording replicates the live thing, I'd imagine. Pretty close to The Mushroom River Band, Hangnail, Spiritual Beggars, or Sally - other bands who'd jump right in if offered a slot on a Budgie or Smack tribute. Nice harmonica work there, Ingus. A bit of the "deathpunk, baby!" tone Turbonegro located in the cultural slag heap turns up. Bully for them... Enough variety in tempo and tone that it doesn't flatten out after a couple tracks, but it's a dry, hard run for those atuned to lushly recorded electronically-altered anything.
(PO Box 30666 Long Beach, CA 90853)

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