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Wontons | Hex Appeal | review | garage | punk | Lollipop

The Wontons

Hex Appeal (Bloody Banner)
by Jon Sarre

First song ("Great Wall") is sorta a rip-off of "Carbona, Not Glue," but seemingly much longer. Second is a dance that involves "shaking your egg roll" and, y'know, "Do the Wonton." The rest is sorta like that: Novelty-tinged garage punk, mebbe long on the novelty'n'exploitation of singer/guitarist Dean Hsieh (he formally of the 1-4-5s) Asian heritage, but it's his band, so let him do what he wants to do and if some pain-in-the-ass civil rights groups wants to make a big deal of it, the publicity will sure help.
(PO Box 49472 Austin, TX 78765)


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