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The Queers

Live in West Hollywood (Hopeless)
by Scott Hefflon

I love being proven wrong! I keep thinking "Oh, The Queers are so over," but they always turn up eventually, soiled and stinky, with yet another foul-smelling slab of punk snottiness. For a band who, more or less, peaked with their first three records almost 10 years ago, the kind of vital catchy punk tunesmithing showing "you either got or ya don't" (Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, members of whom filled in here'n'there), these guys just keep blasting away and, fuckin'-A, they still hit more often than a lotta the kids ever will!

"We're the fuckin' Queers, motherfucker!" opens "We'd Have Arrived Doing Heroin" and the near-hour assault is on. While many might recognize by a sample lyric rather than the title (I find that a lot with these guys), these 31 songs (including a handfulla covers) hit most of the hits, and a lot of the goodies that woulda been hits if the world didn't suck so much. A few of the 15 second "I Want Cunt" ditties as well as longer melodic gems like "Monster Zero," "Tamara's a Punk," "Teenage Bonehead," "Ursula Finally Has Tits," and the ultimate closer, "Fuck the World" ("Fuck the World (I'm Hanging Out with You Tonight)," as I think of it. It's their "Hey Suburbia," ya know? That's, um, Screeching Weasel in case yer new to this wacky punk thing...)
(PO Box 7495 Van Nuys, CA 91409)  

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