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Goddamn Gentlemen | Sex Caliber Horsepower | review | rock | Lollipop

The Goddamn Gentlemen

Sex-Caliber Horsepower (Uppercut)
by Jon Sarre

Nice to see someone gave The Goddamn Gentlemen some extra ducs to put together a record that comports more with their live sound. Their last un, Chariots of Fire-Spitting Cobras, tho' containing, at the time of release, the bulk of their nitro-huffin' live set, sorta suffered from a lack of production value (either that or plain old shitty sound). Sex-Caliber Horsepower oughtta garner the Gents a bit more attention, which is nice seein' as people deserve to hear these guys blow the wax outta their ears (or just buy 'em drinks). Ya oughtta too, cuz Mark, Rives, Kyle, James and Jason, along with session help from loco legend Seantos on sax'n'Fireball of Freedom Sammy the beat king blow thru thirteen nifty tracks about violence'n'gettin' fucked up and other examples of stupid trouble ya can get into on a Saturday nite. All that and they sound like meth-cravin' Lyres wishin' they was barefoot country demons with full tanksa gas and nowhere to go but fast and Mark, as principle singer, usually sounds so sincere in his pissed-offness that ya'd swear he'd endevor to punch yer lights out if ya'd dare to suggest otherwise (tho' can't say I've ever tried to find out). Don't let that gentlemen crap fool ya!
(4470 Sunset Blvd. #195 Los Angeles, CA 90027)

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