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The Glands

by Tim Den

One of underground indie rock's favorite sons, hailing from the renowned Athens scene. Pavement's vocal delivery, Big Star's alt-country spices, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers' "down home country cookin'" vibe, and - surprisingly - Rubber Soul/Revolver-era Beatles harmonies make The Glands a curious but no less enjoyable hybrid of styles. The constant gear-shifting of the songs - from a straight rocker to a bouncy ditty to a psychedelic mood piece to an acoustic jaunt - shows that The Glands are master chefs in the kitchen world of short attention spans. Whereas many other outfits who attempt to jump tempos lose focus in the transitions, The Glands hold up like the king of chameleons. Whether fooling the listener with a melancholic piano instrumental ("Swim - Prelude"), pushing the fuzzbox to the limit ("Work it Out"), or ironically strutting to a pseudo-techno keyboard riff ("Breathe Out"), The Glands' songwriting pulls through it all and delivers the hooks, energy, and maturity of indie rock's royalty. A real gem.
(83 Walton St. Atlanta, GA 30303)

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