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Casualties | Die Hards | review | punk | Lollipop

The Casualties

Die Hards (Side One Dummy)
by Vinnie Apicella

These guys have been compared with The Exploited, GBH, and Varukers, and okay, true enough. I can hear The Varukers in here, and maybe early Cro-Mags. For those who remember those hardcore originals, rhythmically, these guys are similar. The Casualties are a complete punk package that "exploits" every conceivable mannerism the movement ever created. There's no softening up here, none of the ska-flavored breaks or pop sing-alongs. They're determined and deadly, call 'em cartoonish, 'cause in a sense they are. These guys are from New York, so you know when "Die Hards," "Can't Stop Us," or "Divide and Conquer" come blaring out, they ain't kidding... And even if they are, you can't tell because the vocals are often buried in a blur of speed-chord blow up. Thankfully, the group choruses chime in so ya know which song you're on, cuz ya damn sure ain't gonna know following the inner booklet sequence! The Casualties are spiked hair, spiked punch, loose-fitted misfits and a throwback to the golden years. Even if the record doesn't sell well, they'll probably sell a lot of shirts!
(6201 Sunset Blvd. #211 Hollywood, CA 90028)


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