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The Egg (DeSoto)
by Tim Den

Shiner, like Burning Airlines and No Knife, is one of those special cases of rock bands that defy conventional song structures, tempo changes, melodic progressions - basically everything you thought "rock" had to have - yet still manages to maintain a bulldozer of an impact. Beats are delivered in forms of pulsing rumbles, guitars are whipped across your face like quick strokes from Zorro, while seductive vocals linger over the massacre like a choir singing your funeral dirge. Dinosaur footprint-sized grooves lay all over this bad boy (a Shiner tradition), ready to challenge your dusty notions that decimating riffs can't sound new and inventive. Shiner is one of the loudest, most powerful, make-you-think bands today, and The Egg is the band in top form.
(PO Box 60932 Washington, DC 20039)  

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