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Sex Pistols | There Is No Future | review | punk | rock | Lollipop

Sex Pistols

There Is No Future (Sanctuary)
by Scott Hefflon

Ya gotta have some Sex Pistols in your CD collection, so ya might as well have this one if all ya got are shitty cassette comps some friend made you "back in the day." Most of the hits are here, beaten to a bloody pulp one more time for the kid's (money), digitally recorded so they sound, uh, digitally shitty instead of analogly shitty. Funny cuz, as usual, I think we all think highly of pioneers of destruction like these guys and GG and the Dead Boys and Iggy and all that, but when ya go back and listen to them, the catch words "primal," "raw," and "seminal" don't strike you as quickly "ugh," "shitty" and "where's the remote?" But if ya think modern-day, well-scrubbed "punk" bands couldn't write a riff if their allowance depended on it, keep in mind that these old fuckers could barely stand (or stand each other, or stand themselves, thus they'd shoot up their own piss if they thought it'd kill more brain cells and make them not realize how shitty the world was and always would be whether they were high or not, so why fuckin' not?).

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