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Sense Field

Tonight and Forever (Nettwerk)
by Tim Den

I was one of the lucky ones who received a copy of Sense Field's '99 record (first self-titled, then renamed Under the Radar). Although I was less than enthusiastic about it, I was shocked when Warner Bros. decided not to release it at all after sitting on it for three years. What a way to fuck over a great band, I thought. Well, the CA boys stuck it out like patient champs, re-worked and re-recorded lots of tunes, got a new deal, and have bounced back with Tonight and Forever. It's been five years since '96's breath-taking Building. Was the wait worth it? I'm gonna have to say yes - even though I am not crazy about Tonight and Forever - simply cuz they've pulled themselves out of one of underground music's most dire dilemmas to produce an even better album than what was supposed to be their major label debut. Job well done, boys. The performances on Tonight and Forever, new songs or re-vamped tunes from Under the Radar, show the band hungrier, more dedicated, and leaning into the attack. The punches are stronger, the melodies are sung with more conviction, and the production sounds a hundred times livelier than Under the Radar. Sense Field want to invade your lives again. They've waited too long and worked too hard for you not to notice.
(8730 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 304 Beverly Hills, CA 90211)


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