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Scott Kelly | Spirit Bound Flesh | review | Neurosis | acoustic | rock | Lollipop

Scott Kelly

Spirit Bound Flesh (Neurot)
by Paul Lee

For the majority of this 35-minute disc, it's just Scott Kelly and his distinctive raspy voice singing with his acoustic guitar. For embellishment, he adds just a touch of bass, percussion, and keyboards. All the songs on Spirit Bound Flesh are basic, with chord progressions similar to his main band, Neurosis. There isn't a single upbeat song on Flesh, but there's still a sense of peace and beauty throughout. The pain that Kelly reveals is deep, yet there's also a feeling of intense spirituality. I can imagine sitting quietly and watching the majesty of a sunset creating powerful colors on the mountains around my home in Tucson while listening to this. The more I listen, the more this disc grows on me and complements the intensity of Neurosis' The Sun That Never Sets.
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