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Scene Killer

by Craig Regala

This aggregate of New Jersey citizens took time out from their normal efforts - Solarized, Core, Monster Magnet, Drag Pack, Burnout King, The Lemmings, and the band this most represents, Atomic Bitchwax - to give it to you. The bluesy, early-'70s hard rock of Scene Killer is salted with an acid/garage punk vibe and is recorded well. Some good songs here, like "Island Zero" and the lead off number after the intro. Included is a Hendrix rip, "Buckshot," which pretty much mates Jimi's "Machine Gun" and "Cross Town Traffic" for a quick instrumental. If they're gonna do that, why not cover a couple Bevis Frond songs? That guy can flesh out any theme or style on Electric Ladyland faster 'n you can say, "Where's my Randy Holden bootleg?" All in all, an East Coast corollary to those Desert Sessions discs.
(PO Box 40322 Albuquerque, NM 87196)

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