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Rival Schools | Onelinedrawing | United By | review | alternative | rock | Lollipop

Rival Schools United By Onelinedrawing

by Tim Den

This is very different from Rival Schools' debut record and Onelinedrawing's regular material. The two parties fuse into one entity called Rival Schools United By Onelindrawing for this "split" release, and the result is more offbeat than their own individual works. The songs that Walter of Rival Schools' sings flail around in awkward chord progressions, while Jonah of Onelinedrawing's vocal spotlights are more of his "woe is me" (actually, "mediocre is me" is more like it) forced-gentleness spiel. The production is a bit weak, which doesn't help the rushed collaboration between the two parties (as evident in the songs' ineffectiveness). Skip this and get United by Fate.
(122 W. 29th St. 4th Fl. New York, NY 10001)

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