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Live Evolution (Sanctuary)
by Vinnie Apicella

While Live Evolution marks the first full live recording outside of their Operation: Livecrime release and recent reissue on CD and DVD, the band seems to be enjoying a rebirth. Live Evolution spans their twenty years together, and every fan they've picked up along the way will quickly appreciate it. Broken down into four segments spanning two discs with impressive live photo imagery, each portion sequentially covers the band's every album, old to new, hit, miss or otherwise.

I've learned to look beyond the obvious with Queenrÿche. In fact, that's been their one distinction over the years. I'll admit to being embittered for most of their Q2K release, expecting more and leaving with little. "The Right Side of My Mind," which closes both that one and this, stands up to anything they've done in years. Tate's vocals are superb, doing his own exploratory mix and tweaking the chorus with a new likeness to a given song. Live Evolution proves beyond doubt that Queensrÿche is a live band that can cut it with the best. They convinced me early on by tackling some of those old gems (played in an order other than is listed on the back - Rage for Order indeeed!), and throughout they deliver a two-night, thirty-song performance that underscores their hard rock relevance all over again.


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