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Phobia | Serenity Through Pain | review | metal | Lollipop


Serenity Through Pain (Deathvomit)
by Tim Den

Unrelenting, let-the-pit-spin-out-of-control old school grindcore with crusty punk ethics and noisecore breakdowns. Phobia hates the establishment, that's for sure (song titles: "B.U.S.H.," "Slave to Religion," "White Devil," "Social Sheep," and - of course - "You"), but it doesn't really matter cuz you can't understand what the fuck the singer's saying anyway. Most of y'all are probably sick to shit of this stuff already, but I assure you that these guys pull it off crushingly. Solid production and a deep understanding of hardcore breakdowns make Serenity Through Pain pretty fuckin' bad ass.
(PO Box 14815 Fremont, CA 94539)

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