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Silver Side Up (Roadrunner)
by Scott Hefflon

I had to request this cuz Roadrunner has caught on that I slam most of their stuff cuz, while I grew up listening to a lot of the classics of the '80s and '90s, recently they've been releasing instantly forgettable nü metal. And I don't pull punches, even if labels pull advertising. Roadrunner released Carnivore (pre-Type O Negative), Death, Brujeria, Obituary, Deicide, Sepultura, Fear Factory (and Nailbomb), and even oddities like a happy hardcore comp (my first) called Make 'em Mokum Crazy, and the first full-length by The Sheila Divine. They've fumbled many a fine record and released handfuls of shit in recent years (but OK, I'll stop bagging on Slipknot cuz, while I hear they're pricks and they started this whole clown mask shit - yeah, but I'm deep into Cradle of Filth, can you smell the double-standard? - goddamn if they don't seek'n'destroy), but they've put out great metal records in the past, and hopefully when this nü metal fad finishes fucking off, they'll get behind some worthy bands again.

Nickleback, oh, sure, they have that song "How You Remind Me" which I quite like. People who hate radio rock without listening to it hate it, but that kinda snap-judgment doesn't take a lot of thought, and I try to avoid those people cuz I like to learn something from the people I hang with. While, OK, that's pretty much the best song on the record, it shows a good understanding of the craft of writing radio-oriented songs. Beats Creed with a big fuckin' stick. Not only is it kinda grungy and heavy, it's got the quiet (shuffling, thoughtful, sorrowful) stuff and the stomping stuff, and a few neat production tricks and melodic gooses, for those who demand more than a strong vocal melody, a driving beat, and a wall of guitar during the chorus. So these guys and Days of the New and Lifehouse and all them, shit, ya gotta appreciate what they're good at, but at the same time, let 'em know there's still a lot of room for getting' better, ya know?


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