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A Sun That Never Sets (Relapse)
by Paul Lee

This new, killer Neurosis CD became my soundtrack as I journeyed from Boston to my new home here in Tucson, and what a soundtrack it is! Neurosis have never let me down. Oh sure, some of their work is more staggering than the rest, but since Enemy of The Sun, I've been hooked. Well folks, welcome to a kindler, gentler, and less brutal Neurosis, and one of the best albums of 2001.

Some of you may hate it, you may cry out for the brutality of old, but listen, the fucking force is still there. On Sun, the ratio of raw versus refined is more even and there's plenty of melody and subtle shades of melancholy on incredible songs like "Watchfire" and "From The Hill." I don't know if Steve and Scott's mellow adventures in the solo-album world have been a major factor, but the infusion of more peace amongst their thunder only proves that these fuckers are great and continue to get better.
(1720 South State Rd. Upper Darby, PA 19082)


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