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The Smell of Rain (Earache)
by Paul Lee

Oh dear Mortiis, what hath thou wrought? Where are your Dungeons & Dragons soundtracks of yore? Why dost thou seek the path of Metropolis Records music? Ye art a fool, my dark friend. This would've been a great time to cash in on The Lord of the Rings mania instead of jumping on the electro-industrial bandwagon, my dearest evil elf. You could've created your own music for the saga. Guess I'll just have to seek out the new Summoning disc to get my dark fantasy fix. Sure, you did OK with your take on this genre, but we already have enough Nails, Front 242, and Spahn Ranch clones. Anyway, Ogre has done it oh so much better than you. Go back to your dungeons, fool!
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