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Atomic (RCA)
by Scott Hefflon

The list of sightings for songs off Lit's '99 debut, A Place in the Sun, fills pages. Nominations for best this, best that, most requested, most played, and all that hint that, if you watch TV, go to the movies, or listen to the radio, chances are you've heard "My Own Worst Enemy," "Zip-Lock," "Four," "Miserable," or the latest (a bonus here), the Steven Tyler-backed "Over My Head" (in Titan A.E.), "Lipstick and Bruises" (in Out Cold), or "The Last Time Again," heard as the credits roll in American Pie 2 (though it's not on the soundtrack, which is a who's who of who sounds nearly identical [openers Blink 182, Green Day, Left Front Tire, and American Hi-Fi all have such similar guitar production/feel, it's amazing people still don't get it]). Lit are modern rock radio posterboys, compete with a string-assisted ballad and rebel-lite lyrics about drinking, making out with girls, and tattoos. In stacked harmonies. They've listened to The Beatles and Elvis Costello and Cheap Trick as well as boy bands and the result is cute and safe, but with enough back-lit rocker stance and airbrushed arched-eyebrow smoldering good looks to start Teen Beat readers on the long, dark road of rock'n'roll decadence. Or so we hope...

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