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Leftover Crack | Mediocre Generica | review | crust | punk | Lollipop

Leftöver Crack

Mediocre Generica (Hellcat)
by Scott Hefflon

These guys give new meaning to skank. If ya never understood what crusty punk was and how it related to grindcore, and where NYC ska worked into this grimy punk thing (I kinda always thought those snazzy dressers would faint at the sight of a gutter, and it must be hard to squat with a horn, huh?), check out Leftöver Crack (formerly Choking Victim). If nothing else, just cuz they're sure to stink up the place and piss off your parents, your close-minded friends, and the band could probably use the money, ya know? While I'm all for grinding like "Homeo-apathy," "Burning in Water" and "With the Sickness," I actually like anthemic stinkers like the ska-soured "Nazi White Trash," "Gay Rude Boys Unite," and the "single," "Crack City Rockers," and the crowd-pleasing rockers "The Good, the Bad & the Leftöver Crack" and "Born to Die."

Recommended for anyone who thinks punk is all sappy, sissy pop on too much Mountain Dew or that dangerous, real-life hardcore punk like Black Flag, Iggy, and GG is a thing of the past.
(2798 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90026)


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