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The Lambs EP (Velocette)
by Craig Regala

Like a two-piece version of Melvins with Lori from Acid King singin'. Cool, huh? The blare knob gets pushed to the right, the vocals go from howl to hum to breathy (but not simpy) with a quick "I-could-do-that-black-metal-shit-if-I-wanted-to" departure. Being a baseless duo, there isn't too much sway in their groove, but cool duo's from Ruins to C Average to Cash Audio have proved you can do it with sufficient tunes/compositions which are evidenced by this seven-songer, as well as the album which preceded it (Calling All Cars on the Vegas Strip). Their name can signify both ways, as a nod to the down-tuned doom tones they use, a play on "Lucifer," or "hey, hot chick in the band alert," "juicy fur." "Hot Chick" as in combustible substance as well as good lookin'... The first four tunes are all titled "Lambs," from dreamy doom to thrash to somber piano ballad back to the narcotically-dreamy doom. The titled cuts set up a doom/tension dynamic with quick strumming launched into a power chord'n'sludge basic maneuver. Good looking guy. Too. How often do good looking people make good art? Not often...
(83 Walton St. Atlanta, GA 30303)


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