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Jetlag | Lonely Kings | review | punk | hardcore | Lollipop

Jetlag/ Lonely Kings

by Scott Hefflon

Santa Cruz represents! Newcomers Jetlag team up with Lonely Kings, who've been pounding the streets since '94. Both draw influence from hardcore, punk, and the Deftones. Sometimes jazzing it up, sometimes hanging from the heartstrings, sometimes casually knocking back a good ol' late-'90s punk sing-a-long. And that, honestly, is always what kinda confuses me about punk bands that stretch into the Deftones/Far territory: You're a punk band and while it's good that you wanna stretch your young wings, um, Deftones are really good at what they do, ya know? Maybe ya oughtta give it a few more years and work at it (of course, they'll also have those few years to create something even better), or how about taking that time to figure out what it is that you're good at, much like the Deftones are good at being the Deftones? Singers who can't hit the right notes should learn to compensate. Punks have been doing it for decades. But when you emote so sincerely, ya really kinda draw attention to your shortcomings, not your good intentions. Both bands do their best when they lighten up and don't try to be so worldly and thoughtful. It's not their strong suit and they just oughtta rock out, cuz they can do that well.
(15 Janis Way Scotts Valley, CA 95066)

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