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Internal Bleeding | Alien Breed | 1991 2001 | review | metal | Lollipop

Internal Bleeding

Alien Breed (1991 - 2001) (Olympic)
by Tim Den

Internal Bleeding have toiled long and hard in the saturated death metal scene since the early '90s. While they've never been the best, they've slowly streamlined their songwriting skills through the years, which culminated in '99's Driven to Conquer (their best work to date). As the band gets ready to release their first Olympic full-length, we get Alien Breed (1991-2001), a compilation of all their demos plus one new studio track. The progression of Internal Bleeding has never been more evident: From the live rehearsal recording of One Dollar Demo to the ultra-brutal new track ("Alien Breed"), this band has kept its groove-oriented roots intact while expanding upon their Suffocation-inspired, NY-style death metal. It's catchy as hell, just technical enough to please the old schoolers, and never forgets to slow the tempo down for those big-ass breakdowns. Even as they continue to change vocalists every year or two, they age gracefully. Hatefuel, their next studio effort, will hopefully see Internal Bleeding massacring the world once again.

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