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Goldie.Co.UK (Moonshine)
by Lex Marburger

The whole question is, "Is it good enough to be liked?" Every time I listen to someone like Goldie, I have to put it into some kind of context. Drum'n'bass is (was) an exciting offshoot of electronica, way back when, flipping the rhythm section around, keeping time with the basslines, while the drums freaked out like an epileptic on DMT. But other than some of the more creative types - like DJ C, Photek, and Shizuo (ok, ok, you can call the last one digital hardcore, but really, it's just d'n'b with a lot of distortion) - the mass of d'n'b kinda glosses itself over. It's enjoyable to listen to, and depending on what volume you play it at, it can either excite the brain or act as bubbly background music. But does have enough to stay interesting? It there enough to focus on? The album's basically hype for his website (guess what the URL is...), and is a continuous mix of different d'n'b dudes. But, as I said before, there's not much difference between the artists. I mean, granted, you can tell that the Future Cut track sounds different than the Marcus Intalex track, because, granted, they're different songs, but it's hard to dig a distinctive style out of the whole thing. It's cool to see where d'n'b is going, but until it gets there, I'm gonna check out some other trips. Others who have been Goldie-fingered: Total Science, Cause 4 Concern, Digital, Doc Scott, Fade 2 Black, Spirit, Rufige Kru, Fresh N Vegas, Mechanizm, Die, Uncut, and Twisted Anger.
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