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In Search of Truth (Inside Out)
by Vinnie Apicella

Just when I thought I'd heard everything prog metal had to offer, along comes a band from Sweden (naturally) to blow a hole in my thickened skull. In name and image, Evergrey dismisses the rosy theory that's usually associated with progressive music. Evergrey combines the same challenging complexities of a standout like Dream Theater with the unusually dark associations of Tad Morose, even incremental Paradise Lost, and specifically draws to the lower range vocals of Tom Englund, a fit screamer with a raspy edge and appreciable range, only without the expected decibel-raising virtuosic reach. In Search of Truth is both challenging and capable of full power, indisputably displayed mere seconds into the lead track, "The Masterplan." Full choir intercession further lends charm to "In Search of...," "Rulers of the Mind," and "Dark Waters." There's a lot happening on this album. It begins with superior musicianship and deft lyrical content, and is carried further by way of keyboard color and quick tempo changes, but the songs support emotionality and cohesion above all else.

Co-produced by Englund and Andy LaRoque of King Diamond fame, In Search Of Truth is the band's first U.S. release, and the timing couldn't've been better. Definitely one of the more imaginative and intriguing prog metal records in some time, and one you'll listen to again and again, deriving something new each time.

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