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Devotchkas | Live Fast Die Young | review | punk | Lollipop


Live Fast...Die Young (Punk Core)
by Scott Hefflon

Clunky but honest, ya know? This is that whole "thing" where yer not really supposed to ever learn how to play or sing or write good lyrics or sound good or layout yer CD booklet so you can read the words, but it is what it is. Devotchkas are like early, street-level Lunachicks before Theo started modeling (coulda been a whole punk Gia thing, but no) or early Tilt without the lyrical smarts, or maybe Snap-Her or The Plasmatics or the Violators, or maybe it's just a female version of The Unseen, but without the ability to write dumb punk songs well. These gals are clunky and obvious, but this is a debut, and they have cool hair, so that's a start, I guess.
(PO Box 916 Middle Island, NY 11953)

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