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Desert Sessions

7 + 8 (Rekords Rekords/Southern Lord)
by Craig Regala

Yeah there's some dicking around, it being an off-hand "project" sorta thing, but Jesus, half of this'll fit your slot as well as any pickle named QOTSA, Fatso Jetson, Screaming Trees, or Masters of Reality will. Based in guitar/bass/drums psychedelic rock with the members combined memories of unused melodies, partially-remembered-riffs-from-a-tune-they-remember-from-the-radio-and-never-heard-what-is-was, etc. Maybe a Pretty Things song, some-thing from a Can LP, the Stones, "something happened to me yesterday..." I picked the fifth tune for a mix disc containing Caustic Resin, Dead Meadow, The Notwist, Fridjid Pink, Died Pretty, Traffic, Royal Trux, Bevis Frond, White Heaven... well, you get it, and no one bitched. Rekord Rekords is Josh from QOTSA's label, guys from the bands in the "pickle" line above play on this and remember Josh is a real big Ween fan. I like it a bunch. Go to and for the getdown.
(PO Box 291967 Los Angeles, CA 90029)

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