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Entertainment for the Best (Join the Team Player)
by Tim Den

Hydra Head-style metalcore from... Budapest, Hungary? And it's actually pretty fuckin' rippin'! Good nose-breaking, arms-flailing, falling-down-a-glass-covered-flight-of-stairs kind of intensity matched with strong riffage. They're doing that "long song titles are funny" schtick that all the indie rock/emo/hardcore kids are into these days (examples: "Playing Enemy, Make Up Your Own Bonfire and Get Warm on It," "Let's Set the World on Fire (Spend a Whole Lifetime to Have Something to Remember)," and my fave, "The Song You Make if You Don't Have Any Ideas Left But You Really Need 1 Fuckin More"), which is kind of annoying. But it sure beats naming your songs "Live for Everyday" or "Unity Forever" or something about "passionate living" (which, according to the bio, is what Dawncore's lyrics are all about). "There is Nothing New Under This Black Sun" is literally a cover of Botch (no originality at all on that tune), but overall, this is pretty damaging stuff.


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