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Dark Funeral | Diabolis Interium | review | metal | Lollipop

Dark Funeral

Diabolis Interium (Necropolis)
by Paul Lee

Back from the depths of Hell, Sweden, Dark Funeral return to spread their misanthropy and attempt to prove yet again that they're the most evil band on Earth. No surprise then that Diabolis Interium sounds incredibly similar to their last two releases, Secrets of the Black Arts from 1994 and Vobiscum Satanas from 1996. Diabolis Interium is chock-full of hell-bent musical malevolence and rife with the blasphemous lyrics that have endeared them so to the Lucifer-lovin' hordes. In the realm of this limited style of brutish metal, there's Marduk and then there's Dark Funeral, though Marduk are more comfortable in slowing down the assault once in a while. One nice bonus for U.S. fans is the inclusion of two videos.
(PO Box 14815 Fremont, CA 94539)

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