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Britny Fox

The Best Of (Portrait/Legacy)
by Scott Hefflon

Go ahead, say it... "Short record, huh?" Yeah, that's funny, genius... These guys were the original Britny (to me), and I never could spell it right (or properly wrong, as the case may be) every time I wrote down their name as one of the many wildly overrated bands of the late '80s. "Girlschool" and "Long Way to Love" ripped AC/DC and Kiss, and they dressed to the hilt like, I dunno, Cinderella or something. Take yer pick, basically. Britny Fox were copycats from the start, but they stole the good stuff and put hot chicks in their videos (there are two on the CD). This best-of includes the do-gooder anthem "Save the Weak" that sounds so much like Kiss' "God Gave Rock and Roll to You" that I'm surprised one didn't sue the other. They say great minds think alike, and so, it appears, do dumb rock doods. Other "gems" collected are covers of Slade's "Gudbye T'Jane" and Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog," which show that they're old and that covers of tired classics are better than anything they ever wrote. Non-cover titles like "Livin' on the Edge" and "Dream On" basically show that Britny Fox and Aerosmith suck off the same clichés.

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