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Bethany Curve

You Brought Us Here (Unit Circle)
by DJ Arcanus

I remember seeing Bethany Curve open for Autumn in Boston, during the Fall of 1997. I wasn't impressed and was hesitant to review this CD, but as the disc went in and the music came out, I was treated to a different sound. You Brought Us Here demonstrates that shoegazer music is alive and well. The guitar drones and layers of sound blend beautifully to form walls of sound, making it a pleasure to absorb the aural textures as they pass through the body. The sounds have a shadowy undertone, and a chilling voice conjures images of a skeletal hand beckoning the listener to follow into darkness. The low percussions control the rhythm and the guitars create the atmosphere of a dream. If My Bloody Valentine, Curve, and The Cure (circa Wish) went on an acid trip together and created an album, this would be it. The album begins with dark illusions until "The Guarantee," which is different from the rest of the album in that there are no vocals and the melancholy melodies turn into noise. After the two-minute interlude of guitar feedback, however, the mythical trip moves into a different headspace, bringing a more lighthearted feel to the rest of the album.


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