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Bad Astronaut/Armchair Martian

World's IBC Heavyweight Championship: War of the Worlds (7 Song Split EP) (Owned & Operated)
by Tim Den

Whew, what a title! But fitting nonetheless: Two of alt-country/power punk's heavyweights covering each other's songs is definitely worth the hype. Bad Astronaut (which, if you don't know, features Joey [Lagwagon], Derrick [ex-Lagwagon, ex-The Ataris], and Marko 72 [Sugarcult, ex-Swingin' Utters, ex-Nerf Herder]) turn Armchair Martian's whiskey tales into quivering dramas, while the 'Martians return the favor by re-workin' 'Astronaut tunes into Ryan Adams on testosterone/liquor/depression. If you can resist either one of the vocalists, then you ain't got a heart. Sung straight from the scars that make up most small town life, these are weathered tales of the people around you... sung in achingly beautiful melodies.
(PO Box 36 Ft. Collins, CO 80522)

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