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Aeon | Dark Order | review | metal | Lollipop


Dark Order (Necropolis)
by Tim Den

Holy fucking shit. Where the hell did this come from? Bursting out of nowhere, Aeon is a massive force of destruction, destined to overrun all death metal bands and become legends. Part Legion-era Deicide staccato, part Cannibal Corpse riffing, part Morbid Angel eerie pacing, part Believer's jazz-fusion soloing, and sounding better-produced than all four put together (on a demo no less! Dark Order was initially a demo that the band made to send to labels; Necropolis loved it so much that they not only signed the band, but insisted on putting out the demo as a record), Aeon is here to deliver death metal fans into ecstasy. The sheer brutality that the band put to good use on this crisp and crushing release is overwhelming. At a loud volume, it resembles a cyber-meatgrinder with a trillion tiny gears chattering its teeth together, ready to mash you with its intricate crevices. I can't overemphasize how blown away I am by this record. Absolute genius arrangements, utilizing the grind/breakdown formula to flawless success. These guys are going to be huge.
(PO Box 14815 Fremont, CA 94539)

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