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Zeni Geva | 10000 Light Years | review | noise | rock | Lollipop

Zeni Geva

10,000 Light Years (Neurot)
by Paul Lee

I can't believe these Japanese noise maniacs have been around since 1987 and I'm only now getting to hear them, thanks to Neurot. Maybe I wasn't ready to receive them, but I'm thankful for it now because 10,000 Light Years is a brilliant album and finds the near-perfect balance between tribal rock, psychedelic, melodic music, and punk. At times, Zeni Geva is reminiscent of old Swans, Godflesh (minus the technology), Killing Joke, and Neurosis, but this trio from Tokyo mix it up and create their own unique assault. 10,000 Light Years is eight songs of pure sonic excellence. I'll surely be doing a lot of tribal dancing around my apartment to this. Seek and enjoy.
(3470 19th St. San Francisco, CA 94110)

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