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Waterdown | Never Kill the Boy on the First Date | review | rock | Lollipop


Never Kill the Boy on the First Date (Victory)
by Tim Den

Good for Victory, signing all the latest hopefuls. From Germany, we've got a six-piece called Waterdown that sounds like a fresher, smarter, and overall better version of Grade. By using two vocalists - one for singing, one for screaming, and both doing awesome jobs at it - Waterdown avoids Grade's main problem: A frontman who can't straddle two identities very well. Musically, Waterdown also packs more punch than their Canadian counterpart (whom they've toured with). Stretching beyond basic guitar antics and E-major progressions, this band jumps from mood to mood, key to key without breaking a sweat. The level of maturity is almost frightening, considering the band has only been together a year. Waterdown combines the brawn of Deftones, the melodies of Grade, and the fierceness of loud rock in what could be the best new band out in the hardcore underground.
(PO Box 146546 Chicago, IL 60614)  

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