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Trance To The Sun | Atrocious Virgin | review | drone | Lollipop

Trance To The Sun

Atrocious Virgin (Precipice)
by DJ Arcanus

After seven albums, Trance to the Sun is finally starting to do something right. I've been unable to successfully enjoy anything from their the past, in studio or live. Atrocious Virgin opens with an assertive force and haunting female vocals. Unfortunately, the rest of the album is a rollercoaster that never reaches as high as the first peak. During some of the lower points, the songs just drone on with long, boring melodies. At times, there's the tasty treat of a fast guitar riff that makes me feel like I'm listening to a Berklee student practice his scales while smoking a bowl in his dorm room. There are a few songs that have a nice Gothic rock feel, but they're good mostly because they sound like other good bands. I hear hints of My Bloody Valentine, Switchblade Symphony, Lycia, and Curve, but not the complex songwriting of those bands. After seven releases, I'd hoped Trance to the Sun would've matured enough to make a solid album. Instead, they continue to fall short and have written a mediocre album with one astonishing song. But one song is a start...
(PO Box 190552 Miami Beach, FL 33110)

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