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Thy Infernal | Warlords of Hell | review | metal | Lollipop

Thy Infernal

Warlords of Hell (Moribund)
by Scott Hefflon

While I kinda doubt this was the band's intention, Thy Infernal are fuckin' hysterical! With names like Slut, Rapist, Armageddon, and Impalor (who replaced - get this - Baphojay) and songs about, ya know, Satan and stuff, collaged photos (face paint and stubble just don't work, huh?) in the booklet, and a stunningly bad cover painting (don't care if the guy worked for Motörhead, I did better stuff in high school art class and barely passed!), you kinda get the point that yer dealing with necro black metal, a genre that capitalizes stuff at the drop of a hat and adds a few extra exclamation points at the end of every other sentence, just to letcha know they mean business. So subtlety is not their strong suit, but these guys (unknowingly, perhaps) base a couple of their song structures off very, very traditional sing-along pub songs, the kind of stuff you and your hairy brothers can lock arms to and spill beer all over each other to while celebrating the victory of your favorite football team or a successful bloodletting ritual, or whatever it is you black metal bozos do in your spare time.
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