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The Pinkos

by Jon Sarre

Ya know, I've mentioned more times than I care to remember that I don't go for this political bullshit in music. Ya wanna galvanize the proletariat or help the poor or ban the pill or whatever, run for Congress or sumptin'. I can't help but get irritated when I hear someone singin' about that stuff. All that aside, I sorta like The Pinkos. Vanessa, the guitarist, is also in Bell, whose second record (or mebbe third) I thought was pretty good, unless I'm rememberin' it wrong. The drummer, Steve, was in The Gits, who were always pretty okay. Since there's no one else in the band, they both sing and they've sorta got an X vibe. Okay, more like The Knitters (since The Pinkos play semi-accoustic), mebbe plus or minus a couple people. The Pinkos, with their stripped down altpunk sound, are actually more rockin' than The Knitters, who did more of a country-folk thing. The two bands do however share a few causes. You can probably take that to the bank.
(PO Box 12034 Seattle, WA 98102)

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